Monday, June 16, 2014

5 X 5 Challenge

I've been challenged by my author friends Nan Dixon and Marnee Gallaher Bailey to play 5 X 5 and list five things about the main character in my upcoming New Adult novel, CHANNEL 20 SOMETHING, then tag 5 other writers. So here we go...Heidi Haynes:

1- Just out of college-- works as a news reporter/anchor for a small market station in Mississippi
2- started college out of state but ran back home with her tail between her legs after suffering the ultimate humiliation
3- has a little stage-fright issue-- has to throw up before she goes on live TV... EVERY time
4- sort of, kind of, semi, PRE-engaged to her college boyfriend, but not too excited about the prospect of getting married
5- lives WAY too close to her family: a dad obsessed with finding the perfect fishing lure and getting her into the family law firm, a mom who's seriously into community theater and dresses in character for months prior to each role, a wise-cracking older sister, and two younger brothers in high school who find it nearly impossible to remain vertical unless they're at football practice or the dinner table.

Now, I'm tagging Rachel Pudelek, Denny S. Bryce, Abbie Roads, Carrie Padgett, and Piper G Huguley. Go girls!

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